As I sit here and think about what to write this week, I can’t help but notice that we are still in a global pandemic. Despite the flurry of opinions, science, facts, fantasies, arguments and hysteria, the reality is we are still in lockdown to some degree or another.

Six weeks or so into this, an air of discomfort has fallen over us.

The lightbulb is on: we’re in this surreal episode of the twilight zone for the long haul.

I’ve had friends and colleagues ask me how I’m doing at home, social distancing.

I usually give an honest, but brief explanation of my emotional ups and downs, careful to straddle my desire to not to be too much of a downer while still keeping it real.

If I had more time to answer, I would introduce them to my entertaining imaginary friends and their hilarious antics. Since you’re reading this, guess what? You’re getting a window into my world.

Pollyanna likes to visit regularly and dazzle me with her Colgate smile and the spring in her step.  She chatters on about how exciting it is that air pollution is down, waters are clear and animal rights are front and centre in the conversation now. People are banging pots and pans on their balcony every night at 7 pm to honour the dedication of the health care and frontline workers. Notes are being left for elderly people to call upon volunteers if they need help. She sheds a tear of joy, shaking her head at the wonder of the Universe.

She can’t wait to see what comes of this amazing opportunity!

Then without warning, Wednesday Addams makes an unpleasant appearance with her sour face and thoughts.

Wednesday: Who knows how long this will go on. It’s probably the end of humanity. People had their chance, so too bad so sad. Might as well say sayonara to any semblance of real life. Everyone will probably go crazy from the stress anyway, no matter how much smiley face over there likes to ignore the glaringly obvious reality. I’d advise you to start preparing for doomsday as I’ve said from the beginning. You won’t want to be caught off guard with this one, believe me.

Pollyanna interjects: Wednesday, I know you’re scared right now; if you want to hold my hand I am here for you. I just want to pet your beautifully arranged braids and make it all go away.

Wednesday: I’ll make you go away in a flash if you don’t step back two metres. Right. Now. Social distancing! Social distancing!

Pollyanna: Oh, I wish I could make you see that everything is going to be alright. Wednesday, when you feel into your heart, doesn’t this time feel so exciting?

Wednesday: The only thing that excites me is that once we all go bye bye, you will no longer be able to sicken me with your ridiculous enthusiasm.

Pollyanna: Haha Wednesday you always did have such a wonderful sense of humour! I admire that about you. You really are a delight!

Wednesday rolls her eyes and stomps off. Pollyanna smiles into the sunset, sighing with pleasure.


Whether you identify more strongly with Wednesday or Pollyanna, the reality is we need them both. And whatever end of the spectrum you’re hanging out in, I wish you well.

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