Today, I realized that we have things all wrong. The world is a messy entanglement of opposition, conflict and cancel culture. The popular response to most things we don’t agree with is to fight it out–see who can yell the loudest about who is right. The more divisive and mean the argument style, the more victorious the arguer seems to be. Like we used to say in high school: ooooh buuuurrrrnnn. We see this mounting callousness coming towards us like a runaway train. Yet, all we can do is look on in horror and shield our eyes. 

Society seems to tell us the louder and meaner we can be, the better off we are. Well, guess what? That’s a race to the bottom. That’s why I’m sending out a plea to all my fellow people pleasers (I call you Empowered People Pleasers, or EPPYS for short). We need you to save the world.

Save, not Sabotage or Self-Abandon

Let me be clear, I don’t want you to run out and do what I did for the first 30ish years of my life: run around saving everyone while I systematically destroyed my nervous system, emotional terrain and any chance at happiness. I mean save the world by daring to be yourself. I mean save the world by daring to allow yourself to be soft. I mean save the world by allowing yourself to have a home base to draw love, support and encouragement from. How do you do that? I’m glad you asked. 

Stop being homeless

This is not a dig against the millions of people who are literally homeless in the world. This is about being homeless within yourself. Do you feel at home in your body? Do you feel at home in your heart? Do you feel at home in your home? If not, then we have some work to do.

When you discover what I discovered through my Empowered People Pleaser Process, that you are home, all will change for you.

Empowered People Pleaser Description

Imagine being yourself and feeling loved. Imagine feeling at home no matter who is around, where you are or what someone says about you. Imagine feeling at home in your mind and emotions. Imagine feeling at home in your body. How would your life change? What would you be able to do? What would you be able to say? What would you want people to know? 

The world needs you to save it. Save the world by loving the world around you, having a childlike wonder about you and ignoring those who appear to be heartless. Save the world by saying, I love you anyway and I am moved to tears just for being alive. That is what the world needs and that is what is possible for you when you step into the world of being you! 

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