I wanted to show up and be vulnerable, and so here is me being vulnerable. Gulp.

I worried about sending this because I didn’t want you to think I was lying to you or that I was a fraud. 

The truth is, I haven’t been honest with you. 

(I know what you’re thinking: beware the person who says, let me tell you something, honestly… but I AM telling the truth). 

I’ve blacked out for the past two years…

While I encouraged you:

  • To go after your passions
  • To live life to the fullest
  • To have fun and be yourself no matter what
  • To light yourself on fire

I was NOT doing those things. 

Don’t get me wrong, my life has changed exponentially since 2017. 

I have the most amazing, loving, committed relationship.

I am supporting myself full time with my amazing healing business.

I am in love with myself and I’m proud of who I have become.

I am heading in the direction of my dreams.

BUT, I am also a hypocrite.

I like to refer to myself as a #LYT #Hypocrite since I’m a lover of wordsmithing and it takes the sting out of the reality that I haven’t been walking my walk.

Ready to hear how it all went down?

I stopped writing for my community (although that’s my number one passion and talent)

I behaved in ways I thought I SHOULD as a business woman (cue the doldrums)

I watered down my totally inappropriate sense of humour

I clamped down on my childlike enthusiasm and giddiness

Basically, I stripped almost all of my personality out of my presence, offers and interactions with you, my soul community.

I know this doesn’t get in the way of the power of transformations I offer my soulmate clients, but it does put up a wall of being Truly Me. 

I wasn’t allowing myself to be fully authentic, so you would see me as an expert and not a female Peter Pan

I wasn’t allowing myself to be fully authentic, so you would see me as someone to rely on and be your rock

I wasn’t allowing myself to be fully authentic, so I would be taken seriously and fit in

Hello People Pleaser alert!

After a big knock on the forehead from the Universe and some intensive sessions with my own healers and mentors, I AM NOW ON FIRE

We all need these wakey, wakey moments and this one was a welcome breath of fresh air. 

I am so excited to invite you to be part of my NEWLY LYT Party! 

Click here to get access to PJ Pants ON FIRE AND join the GET LYT Facebook Community 

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