The chaos from the much needed changes happening in the world is overwhelming. 

Social media is filled with hysterical posts, mean posts, callous and unfeeling posts, posts about what to do, posts about what not to do, contradictory posts that says what others say you should do is the opposite of what you should do … and memes like this one which actually is my favourite.

As a white woman with a type A personality who suffered burn out more times than I care to count until I finally figured out how to take of myself … who still wants to be anti-racist while fulfilling my life purpose of making the world a better place … but this time without losing my sanity, physical strength and trust in humanity … I’ve created an unconventional to do list that may surprise you (who doesn’t love a good list?): 

My To Do List to Help the World

This is not an exhaustive list and it is a process. I’ll be adding to it as needed. Read on for a sneak peek into my behind the scenes world:

  1. Get out of bed every day (we’re starting with the basics then scaling up from there)
  2. Coffee
  3. Get dressed, brush hair and/or teeth (it can be a choice: 3 out of 3 is the real wow factor)
  4. Days with video involved: put on make-up, do hair (this is the ultimate wow factor)
  5. Eat breakfast (smoothie is the high level goal, toast is the lazy version)
  6. Journal (I switch it up depending on my level of commitment: gratitude lists, how I’m feeling check-ins, rants and/or gibberish are all fair play) 
  7. Meditation (tune in for messages that may or may not be there; silence is sometimes just silence)
  8. Daily to do list for my business and clients
  9. Read social media posts that sometimes make me cry,  but I’m not complaining. I understand that I need to be strong and show up and not fall to pieces
  10. Be more vocal in my daily life and on social media and in my emails about issues I care about like Black Lives Matter, Racial Equality and Equity for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Have lunch
  13. Read books on anti-racism, attend webinars, take notes for action steps on diversity and inclusion for my business
  14. Stay aware and awake (although sometimes I want to sleep forever with the depressing stuff going on)
  15. Find ways to raise my vibe: music, cat memes, outside, hang out with awesome people
  16. Schedule in initiatives to change my business to an ant-racist business
  17. Anti-racisify my life one step at a time
  18. Commit to humanity and staying sane and offering sustainable support
  19. Stay open
  20. Don’t give up hope

There you have it. My unconventional to do list. Reading it over I can’t help but notice that I have a lot of control over how I manage myself. I take care of me and in turn, I can take care of others. What a comforting thought!

What are you doing to stay sane and make a difference? Remember Together We can Light Up the World!

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