If you spend a lot of time rewriting your to-do list for the next day

If you like to be super prepared and organized before doing anything

If your family, partner, friends, boss or other obligations seem to take up all your time

You’ve been lying to yourself

If you tell yourself that you will get to what you really want tomorrow, or next week or next month

If you spend a lot of time saying affirmations, making vision boards or writing out goals, but they never seem to change your life

If you feel too tired, frustrated or emotionally drained to get to what’s really important to you

You’ve been lying to yourself

How to Know for Sure: Ways to Spot the Lie

Unexplained anxiety despite doing all the things

Chronic aches and pains that pop up every time you decide to move forward

Things go wrong and you have setbacks, bad luck and life feels overwhelming

You feel frustrated and angry because you never seem to get to where you want to go

Not having the job, lifestyle, relationship, joy or purpose that you deeply want to experience

What is the lie costing you?

Feeling lonely

Feeling isolated

Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling unloveable

Feeling tired

Years go by in a blur

Dreading the day when it will be too late

What is the Truth?

The truth is…

You’re not being compassionate and understanding: you’re still giving your power away

You’re not being a generous person: you are leaking your time and energy on others with nothing leftover for you

You’re not being flexible and accommodating: you let others tell you what you want or don’t want because you’re afraid to speak up

You’re not being the bigger person: you do things you don’t want to do to avoid conflict

For your life to truly change

The truth is you will have to take a leap of faith in the direction of your heart.

The truth is you will have to reach out and get support to break this deeply life draining pattern.

The truth is you will have to choose to put yourself first, no matter what.

You CAN do this



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