What is true happiness? A constant state of feeling good no matter what is going on around you

What is conditional happiness? Giving yourself permission to feel good only when certain conditions are met.

My early life consisted of a series of aptitude tests from the Universe, challenging me to tiptoe through landmines of other people’s emotions, praying that my lightest step, my barely audible breath, my invisible self, would not set off the explosion of unresolved issues inside my family members. 

I learned to tread lightly, but not in the poetic way Thich Nhat Hanh was quoted. I’m talking about treading lightly, so you don’t get blasted away by the nuclear bomb going off in the living room every night. I’m lucky I still have all my fingers and toes considering the force of anger in my house could wilt flesh. 

Which is why I was so drawn to people who were always laughing and jovial. I was quite frankly gobsmacked that someone could take such a lighthearted view of life. Some people were so freaking happy–what was up with that? 

Furthermore, these people were always the ones with the shittiest lives. You know who I’m talking about: the guy with one arm who laughs easily and often or the woman with the giant growth on her face who could joke along with the best of them (I know these actual people). 

Here is the key: their circumstances don’t get in the way of their happiness. They have no problem or hangup with being happy. They see it as a god-given right and unapologetically lap up every drop of it. 

Back to my war zone family life: when I tapped into myself (or more likely, forgot to dole out or withhold permission slips for happy town), I was happy too! I was (and am) a giggle maniac, wildly enthusiastic person. My true self loves to laugh and be happy and smile and grin stupidly at the magic of life.

NO. MATTER. WHAT. These happy bursts appear with no rhyme or reason. We don’t actually need a reason to be happy. Say what, you say??? That’s right! The secret is out! Stop the presses! Happy Town is free admission, all are welcome. 

Which is why I want to ask you today if you have any specific conditions or permissions to happiness? Or are you ready to let them go and be HAPPY NOW? Share below!

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