If you’ve been struggling to tune into your heart for years, you might think there is no way to learn how or worry that something is inherently wrong with you. Feeling out of touch with your own heart is isolating, sad and confusing. In the midst of my deep healing journey, I discovered a deceptively obvious and effective way to tune into your heart that has worked for me and my clients. It’s helped us feel more connected, loved and supported. This process and framework has completely changed my own life and relationships!

3 Pillar Framework to Tune Into Your Heart

True Awareness

True Awareness solves the problem of being in the dark about your own feelings, desires and choices. The more you allow yourself to be in denial or unable to face your truth, the less aware you will be. When you choose to see your life through rose-coloured glasses, you lose your ability to tune into the heart. It’s like saying, “I’m perfectly fine in my job, it pays the bills”, while your heart longs to create your vision of speaking on stages or writing books. This disconnection from the heart leads you to doubt yourself, feel confused about what you want and feel frustrated with your life. 

Action step: Face Your Truth–journal about your life and how you feel, uncensored. Reflect on this and ask for guidance. It doesn’t mean you immediately have to go and uproot yourself, but it will open the doorway to your heart.

True Acceptance

True Acceptance means you are brave enough to heal and forgive. When you carry around old resentments and wounds from the past, you weigh yourself down and cloud your judgement of your life and how you perceive others. You see everything through the lens of trauma or upset and not how things actually are. Taking a step towards letting go of anger, hurt, shame, or rage is another powerful doorway to the heart. Without forgiveness and heart healing, you are afraid to even go near your heart’s wisdom. You feel like it would be like opening pandora’s box. What if you could allow the heart to do what it does best: to heal and forgive?

Action step: Heal and Forgive–Close your eyes and ask yourself who/what you need to forgive right now? Allow any memories, feelings or insight to come forward. Give your heart permission to release the old wound. Allow your heart to do its job. Breathe and allow. When you feel more relaxed and lighter, thank your heart for doing such a good job for you. Observe how things change for you over the coming days.

True Connection 

True Connection allows you to feel like the creator of your life, in control of your own choices and experience a feeling of safety and peace no matter what is going on in your life. When you are truly connected, you feel clear and confident about what you want, how you feel and what is right for you. Your heart wants to show you how easy things can be. Your heart wants you to know how much you are loved, supported, cherished and cared for. Your heart wants to love every aspect of you. 

Action step: Be Willing–write out a statement of intent to your heart. I allow and choose to connect to you, my heart. I ask for your guidance and wisdom to feel safe and comfortable with you in my life. I invite you to be here with me and to allow me to feel your presence. Write this in your own words that feel right. Keep this statement in a space where you meditate or in your bedroom. Read it as often as you like to deepen your commitment to connecting to your heart. 

Tuning into your heart doesn’t have to be confusing, scary or seem impossibly complicated. If you’re ready to dive into more of this framework, comment below or DM me. I’ve got a free resource for you!

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