Why You Can’t Trust Your Heart

Society teaches you to make logical and sound decisions by using your head. You may have had family members tell you as a child: “Use Your Head!” This statement implies that if you follow your heart, you are foolish. Or at the very least, you’ll be led astray and have to come back to reality by using your head once your life goes sideways. The barometer for building a life with a good job, solid relationship and financial stability is to use your head. Is it any wonder you don’t trust your heart?!

Well, I’m here to tell you that although we most certainly need our mind to perform duties in the world and be able to function from day to day, the mind is not the sharpest tool in the shed. 

Your heart is the one to bet on. Your heart is very intelligent. If you don’t believe me, follow any research being done by Heart Math or other organizations that study the heart and all it’s magnificent functions that go way beyond physical properties. You’ll see that your heart can tune into things way more efficiently than the mind (the mind is constantly going on tangents and making up things or falsely interpreting information that is right in front of you). 

Your heart can read the situation, see the big picture and follow the best course of action for you with more finesse and yes, even logic, than the mind. The mind is generally a hot mess of judgements, false beliefs and fear based what ifs. So, if you aren’t where you want to be in your life right now: are you willing to let your heart make your decisions?

The Heart Wants What You Want

Now that you’re almost convinced that your heart will give you some better results than the mind, let’s look at another reason we shy away from listening to our heart.  A common belief is that your heart wants something that will be risky, impossible to get and/or cause you harm. Did you know that your soul and your heart are on the same wavelength and so the desires of the heart are really YOUR desires on a deep level? Which means that your heart wants to lead you towards your soul desires. And do you really believe that your soul would want you to live a life of misery or want you to do something that will harm you? Until you can see that all the desires of the heart are a road map of your soul, you will be suspicious of the longings that you may be ignoring. 

Your Heart is a Much Better Gatekeeper than the Mind

If you have a fear that following your heart will get you hurt, let me help you see things differently. For example, say your heart’s desire (aka soul desire) is to open a flower shop. You love flowers and feel deep joy from making beautiful arrangements. So, you go for it and open the store! Business goes well and each day you leap out of bed to go to work. You love creating beauty in the world and can’t believe how lucky you are. Then a recession hits and your business plummets. You end up going bankrupt and having to examine your whole life plan. Do you believe your heart put you in harms way or led you to a situation that traumatized you? Or can you see that you were meant to experience that joy and spread your light for a certain period of time and now you are on to the next thing? Your mind in this case may spiral you into a state of depression and victimhood, feeling that everything you love goes to hell. The heart still loves you and is resilient enough to know that there will be other opportunities to spread love and beauty and happiness. And that you will be ok. Which would you rather have as a leader in your life in this case–your heart or your mind? 

The Heart is Optimistic AND Savvy

Another negative belief about the heart is that it’s naive and skips through the daisies like Pollyanna, oblivious of all the obstacles and hazards in life. This is where we go back to the research of Heart Math. The heart has been shown to be a much savvier observer of situations that are possibly harmful or problematic. The heart is intelligent and keeps a cool head, so to speak. The mind will go off like a paranoid hot mess. Again, the mind is necessary but makes a very poor leader. Think about a time when you had a close call: didn’t sign the contract, decided not to go on the date, or made a decision with your heart. How did it go? When you follow your heart, you are tapping into a win win scenario. You are connecting with the world and other people at a very high level. This creates situations that you can’t believe worked out so well. I hope this has been helpful! From one heart to another, I wish you the culmination of all your heart’s desires!

Comment below about a time you followed your heart and it turned out to be an amazing choice for you. Or maybe you followed your heart and it went “pear shaped.” I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with your heart!

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