This month’s theme is Speaking Your Truth! When it comes to being yourself and living your truth, nothing is more important than speaking up for yourself and claiming what you want from life. To get us started I’ve summarized the 5 Reasons You Need to Stop Letting Things Slide and Finally Speak Your Truth below. Post this where you can see it to remind you why you can’t stay silent about what you want any longer.

1. The world is not Psychic
Even if you have highly tuned spidey senses, you can’t assume everyone else is like that. Maybe you are always the one to guess what someone is going to say, or you’re really good at reading people. This doesn’t mean you want to live by the assumption that others are that dialed into you. And your life is too important to lose energy getting hurt or upset because the world around you hasn’t responded to your inner desires. They are inner because you have not spoken them out loud yet (see #5).

2. Avoidance is not a successful strategy
I understand all too well the need to avoid uncomfortable situations. I wrote the book on clamping my mouth shut and “letting things slide” because I didn’t have the courage to speak my truth, aka tell someone I was upset. When we hold our emotions in and stay quiet, we create a tumultuous build-up of emotions that can lead to physical aches and pains and ailments. I developed IBS from holding in all my sadness and rage from my younger years and it wasn’t until I started to heal, express, and forgive that I saw any relief in my chronic condition.

3. The Universe will give you a default life
When we hold back, hesitate, stay quiet, procrastinate, or find some other way of not speaking our truth, we get what Life dishes out. In other words, you have no sense of control or power over what is happening in your life. If you can’t tell a loved one that you’re hurting because they don’t respect you, you will continue to have low self-confidence and self-doubt and your other relationships will suffer. On the other hand, if you grab the reins and tell people what you like, what you don’t like, and contribute to the making of an awesome life, you will feel excited, alive, and confident!

4. Staying silent is a loud statement
Similar to #3 we can get stuck in a habit of not saying something when we want to and end up with the crumbs of life. You need to remember that silence is a statement in itself. You are saying that you are not willing to count yourself in or that your needs and wants are not important enough to claim. This can be very painful to realize that you’ve abandoned yourself but the power starts in knowing what you are doing. From that point, you can consciously make self-loving steps to speak up and be heard.

5. Speak it into being
One of the powerful tips for manifesting that I teach the members of my program is that you must move the energy through your voice and expression of the throat. When you write things down and declare them out loud you are making a profound statement and harnessing the energy of your life force to bring your dreams into reality and create the life you truly want!

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