Obligatory intro statement: I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice. If you are feeling any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, seek immediate help from healthcare professionals.

The Coronavirus now has the world’s attention.

Some of you may be thinking, “Oh great, another unstable “non-expert” musing about the virus that is taking over the world. We want science. We want facts. Nothing else matters right now!”

I’m going to keep typing in the hopes that someone will find comfort in my words. I will not be telling you what you should or shouldn’t do in this blog. I will be offering a perspective that may ease your worries and help you feel better. That is my intention.

As the news rolls in about the Coronavirus and the confirmed cases of infected people rises, I’m rolling along myself—on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Some days I’m silently soothing myself with encouraging messages, determined to stay grounded and go about my day in a positive state of mind (and doing a pretty good job).

The day I’m frantically texting my elderly relatives, casually asking how they’re doing (the longer they take to respond, the more I’m sure they’re lying in a hospital bed somewhere).

One minute I’m laughing at memes of toilet paper insanity, the next I’m barking orders for my boyfriend to bring home items from my survival shopping list.

Oh the insanity.

I work from home so being away from crowds and people in general is just a regular work week for me. Now that I know that I may HAVE to stay home, it’s a different story.

Cue the panic.

Times like these call for drastic self-care measures—meditation, journaling and reflection.

Here is what I’ve teased out of these moments:

Connection: Coronavirus is showing us how interconnected we are. It shows how things can spread—invisibly, rapidly and easily. Which means this is also true for love, inspiration, joy, laughter and hope. These are also states that are highly contagious. Just try to watch a rambunctious cat video without laughing! When you watch a baby laughing, it is nearly impossible not to catch the laughter virus. Let’s use these principles and reminders to start to consciously spread our positive “viruses”.

Community: When everyone comes together, things can change. Look at how things turned around in South Korea with the Coronavirus. Voluntary isolation was taken very seriously and the citizens took it upon themselves to do their part. Community can turn this virus spread around—being responsible to ourselves and others and connecting to our social network through the internet, telephone, etc is possible. Just think about in the past when staying at home meant being alone. Now it doesn’t have to. There is zoom, whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, telephones—we can stay connected to our community anywhere in the world. How amazing is that?

These are the perspectives I will remember in the coming days as I straddle the social responsibility of staying out of crowds, washing my hands and staying home as much as possible AND connecting to my community, support system and spreading my love, laughter and inspiration virus to each and every one of you.

Lets stay connected right now! Write back or post about your experiences with the Coronavirus and how its changing your life.

Lots of blessings,


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