If you’re spending copious amounts of time on social media like I am, you’ve probably come across the conspiracy theories about C-19. Although I’m into a good theory like the rest of us, I’m a little bit alarmed at what I’ve been reading.

First, let me give you a quick preamble on my background so you know I’m not a closed-minded arsehole with another opinionated blog about those crazy AF conspiracy theorists:

  1. I grew up with parents who traveled the world with their Tibetan Buddhist teacher, and later formed a nice little cult … I mean … community of families all learning about compassion and suffering while eating homemade bread and building cabins in the woods for our retreat centre.
  2. I learned about meditation, mantras, mandalas and reincarnation before I hit 10.
  3. I heard all kinds of stories about life, death and everything in between.

In other words, I’m open to pretty much anything. If you told me you were joining a club of winged humans down the street, I’d say, “Cool. Let me know how it goes.”

BUT. Here is a big but: I refuse to follow when someone dives headfirst into the rabbit hole of darkness and mayhem, also known as the CONSPIRACY.

A conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful

What I feel is that a conspiracy theory speaks to our collective sense of powerlessness as a small human in a huge Universe. When we can say, oh yes the reason for this “problem, calamity, suffering, pain, fear, illness” is because we’re being controlled/manipulated/repressed by those other “bad, evil, ruthless beings.”

What I know to be true is that we are very powerful and we can whip ourselves into a frenzy and generate a hurricane of fear, hopelessness and abject terror if we aren’t careful.

Putting attention and energy into a theory that there are dark beings manipulating people from their interconnected web of perversion, hatred and depravity is off putting to say the least.

How do you feel after reading about the Cabal who control the underground sex trade and command people to do their evil bidding?

Not the cheeriest of morning coffee reading, is it?

What level of fear, terror and uncertainty can you plummet into after soaking up information on the absolute strangle hold the dark side supposedly has over us?

How much energy do you have left after consuming this kind of news?

Sit with that for a moment.

Notice how I didn’t say whether any of this is true or not. The truth in this case is irrelevant.

What I’m saying is that if we want to change the world for the better, we can’t be going around investigating and researching and spreading the news about what the energetic terrorists are perpetrating upon us.

If it is true that 5G is harmful, then find a way to support technology that is not that. Learn about how to promote, advocate and teach about the cleaner technologies.

If it is true that evil beings are running underground trade in human trafficking, then find out how you can advocate, teach, and support children and families to be strong and self-sufficient so they don’t fall prey to these types of situations. Or join a group that finds these people and rescues them.

Yes, we do need to be awake and aware of what’s going on: BUT ONLY TO THE POINT WHERE WE KNOW THE BASICS AND THEN WE HAVE TO MOVE INTO WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

For example, Tiger King opened my awareness to the wild animals in captivity and how it works in North America, so now I can switch my donations and support to those organizations that educate us about animals without putting them in cages and I can now find out who will put the resources into saving those animals from their current situation. I was sad and upset for those poor animals, but I did not allow myself to dive into the rabbit hole of animal slavery and the twisted need to control animals that are more powerful than us.

I got to the edge of that emotional experience, looked down into the bottomless pit and purposely turned and walked away.

How would it help the animals if I dove off that cliff and smashed my face on every rock of “truth” on the way down? I’d be battered and bloody and of no use.

The next time someone wants to pull you into a conspiracy theory and you feel yourself losing your footing and falling into the abyss, grab hold of a loving thought and ask yourself what you can do right now to better the world in some way.

What if it took one person at a time to totally change the world and create a peaceful, loving existence?

 What if the real conspiracy is that we get roped into all the theories so much so that we are absolutely paralyzed to do anything to change all the conspiracies??

How do you feel about conspiracies and how have they effected you?

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